Accommodation for the Travelling Artist

travelling artistAs artists we often travel to find new things and landscapes to paint, sometimes we just need to get away for inspiration. Below is are some tips that I’ve formulated over many years of travelling that may assist fellow artists.

Motel accommodation is often one of the most essential things that different individuals/artists should consider when they’re on a vacation or simply visiting a certain location that’s foreign to them. It’s certainly true that a single motel stay can truly alter the overall mood of any great visit or vacation to a foreign area. This is why it’s extremely important for you as a tourist, to try and research thoroughly on the kind of motel you would like to stay in before you can go for your short vacation trip. Although price is one of the most determining factors, as the motel rate has to fit into your budget, this is not the only thing you should look for when choosing a motel accommodation.

Recently I booked accommodation in Roma QLD and these were some of the important things I considered before booking my stay:


Motel prices usually vary drastically depending on the place you want to visit. For instance, in New York City, the prices range from $200 which does not go very far. In other areas of the United States, $200 is enough to buy you a great room at the best location in town. Researching motel costs for certain areas will assist you in deciding the amount you are willing to spend on your motel accommodation.

Motel rules

It is important to know and learn about the essential rules of some motels concerning children and pets staying in their rooms before booking. This is because some motels can strictly prohibit children and your pets in you have any inside the motel rooms. It’s extremely important to confirm with the motel when you have decided to bring along with you your children and pets in your short vacation trip, so as you do not encounter some challenges when you finally arrive on your chosen motel.

Services offered

Another important thing to consider is the services provided in the motel you are considering choosing. You can find out about their services through the motel’s website as well as their brochures. Some motels are known to offer complementary services so as to lure several clients on their motels.


The overall motel reputation from different customer experiences is also important for you to know. You can read various comments and reviews concerning different services that you can expect when you choose a certain motel which is what I did at their Roma Motel Facebook Page. You can also try and visit other websites and forums when you can ask for some tips and advice on how to choose a good motel to stay to.


In big cities, safety considerations are quite important. You should never skimp when it comes to motel accommodation if by doing do you will put your safety at risk. If you are not sure about the safest areas where motels are located, you can get some guideline books and research about your destination. You should not always trust online advertisements. Also, you can enquire from your family and friends who might have used motels before and might have traveled to the same destination you are planning to.

Here’s a great video that show’s what I take when I go travelling:

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